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Is Camping your passion? Ritar’s range of deep cycle batteries will allow you get to further off road than ever before. Reliability is the most important thing when you’re relying on your battery solution to keep your camp running smoothly.

Ritar have developed stronger grids and active material to be used in their Deep Cycle batteries, this increases the batteries performance during frequent discharge cycles. The RA Series employs state of the art AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology and high quality materials to provide consistent and reliable performance.

The next step is making sure your battery system suits your camping needs, the friendly and knowledgeable team at Positive Batteries can work out exactly what you need and then build a system to suit.


Intelligent and safe power…

Ritar Power specialise in sealed lead acid and gel batteries. Covering a wide array of applications they have a heritage of research and development which has lead to developing high quality products. Through constant innovation they have engineered production lines which minimise any environmental impact. Using high quality materials and state of the art construction practices, Ritar Power manufacture batteries with proven performance in extreme operating conditions.

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