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      About Us

      Need a car battery? Boat Battery? Any kind of battery? Your local battery experts at Positive Batteries will get you charged up.

      Battery technology is constantly changing and you can trust our friendly team members will work through your particular power storage needs and supply the right product for you. Whether you’re heading out camping, hitting the water or the car needs a new battery, think Positive Batteries!

      As part of the international Ramcar Group of Companies Positive Batteries has big business backing with the local knowledge you need.

      Our wide range of batteries are complimented by every accessory you need to stay charged up!

      Our Products


      ALCO is the car battery for you! Boasting a range for all cars these batteries are built for the harsh Aussie conditions. You can rely on our team to get you sorted and back on the road with a great ALCO car battery.

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      Trojan Positive Batteries Australia

      Go further with Trojan! Whether you’re heading out for 18 holes or powering your industrial machinery Trojan’s heritage with deep-cycle batteries is unmatched worldwide!

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      Ritar Positive Batteries Australia

      Ritar’s extensive range of float and deep-cycle batteries are the only choice for a number of applications. Constant innovation has produced products which meet Australia’s high standards of Fire Accreditation.

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      Positive Batteries is passionate about recycling batteries. We happily collect and transport used lead acid batteries (like your Car Battery!) to our recycling plant in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

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